Friday, July 4, 2008

Pretzel Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce

I would never have attempted something like this concoction of my own imagination (albeit a very simple concoction) had it not been for Barefoot Bloggers. One of our assigned recipes was Parmesan Chicken and it was the first time I'd ever breaded a cutlet in a three step process and cooked it myself. I confess -- in the past, it's just been too damn easy to defrost some Trader Joe's breaded chicken tenders. How much better could they be? Well, a lot better in fact, and "tender" like a chicken tender should be. Which got me to thinking ... I love pretzel flavored anything, wouldn't pretzel crumbs make an excellent Pretzel Chicken?

Yes. They do.

What's also interesting to me, is, I don't like "honey mustard" or "ranch" or typical restaurant industry bottled dressings, chips, pretzel nuggets, infused in anything like that. There is a restaurant near me that my boyfriend LOVES and they use Honey Mustard on every sandwich. I hate it. Give me Best Foods or nothing. I'm a purist. There are virtually no good pre-bottled salad or sandwich dressings in my opinion (don't even get me started on the abomination which is Miracle Whip).

That said, I thought honey mustard would be a good combo with pretzels and chicken, so I gave my own sauce a whirl, and I confess, it was tasty as heck and really complimented the chicken. I'd still never buy it in a bottle, but I'd make this again, as well.

Pretzel Chicken
4 chicken tenders
1 cup of pretzels, whirled in a bullet blender until finely crumbed

Pound the chicken tenders (if you like) to an even thinness. Crumb the pretzels. Season flour with pepper. Beat an egg with water until frothy. Dip one chicken tender first in the flour, then the egg, and then the pretzel crumbs. Quick fry in a hot skillet with veg oil and a tidbit of butter for flavor, until deeply brown. I thought, because the pretzels were salted, no additional salt would be required, but after frying and tasting, I was wrong. I needed to grind a bit of sea salt for more flavor. Do so to taste, and set aside.

Honey Mustard Sauce
Small blob of yellow mustard
Small blob of Dijonaise
Small blob of Best Foods Mayo
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Many grinds of peppercorns
A few shakes of Penzey's Green Goddess spice blend, although you can add any spices you like

In a small bowl or cup, whisk together all ingredients, tasting as you go, to taste. That's it.

Verdict: My my, very tasty, tasty.
Skill: Moderate, more time consuming than usual
Repeat: Absolutely.
Cost: Minimal.


  1. We have kismet!! Last night as a took a salad to a 4th of July celebration, I was thinking how bottled salad dressings are an anathema - and everyone better like my homemade(up) dressing as there'd be no other choice.

    ps: Hi! I'm your "Tastes Like Home" partner!

  2. Hello! A kindred spirit. No one doesn't like Sara Lee or homemade salad dressing. In fact, I imagine many would say "Wow, what did you put in this" and you'd only have to respond "Um yeah, real vinegar and olive oil. Fresh herbs." That would STILL be worlds better than anything in a bottle.

    Hi swap partner in NC!

  3. I feel like you are a long lost sister from another mister! I, too, detest honey mustard and while your pretzel chicken looked yummy, I was apprehensive. It wasn't until I scrolled down to notice that your honey mustard recipe doesn't have any honey in it...then I got very happy! :-) Can't wait to try!

  4. Jessica -- you've made me laugh. Both at your comment, AND, because I left the honey out of the sauce. I did add a big squirt of it. Just forgot to type it. I normally hate HM Sauce (blech) especially bottled, but from scratch was okay, actually.

  5. sounds like a great recipe! I am a huge fan of honey mustard, I think I might give this a try with honey mustard pretzels, double the pleasure!!