Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taste of Home Bonanza!

Earlier this summer, a "Taste of Home" swap was set up by Megan at Megan's Cooking, and I was paired with the best partner, Leslie of Mit, Mitter, Mittany (I don't know what that means... I keep forgetting to ask) of North Carolina.

The idea was to swap foods from our home towns or regions that the other may not have access to. The deadline to swap was wayyyy back in July, and when I say I had the best partner, I mean it. I think we were on the same schedule all summer. She was gone, then I was gone, then we gave ourselves an extension, and finally this past week, we swapped our packages.

I was SO delighted because due to the passage of the summer and a hectic schedule, I'd forgotten some of the things I mentioned to her, that "spoke of Southern Soul Food" to me. For that reason, some of my goodies were just a complete surprise, and most appreciated.

At the top of that list is White Lily Flour from soft winter wheat. SCORE!!! I recall reading a Gourmet magazine a few months back and the topic was biscuits. How to make them. How not to make them. The fact that White Lily Flour makes the only "true Southern biscuit." Almost a "don't bother if you don't have this flour" kind of throw-down. I even considered ordering the flour via mail order, but should I be that crazy? I do love a good bread, biscuit, waffle, and pancake ... and then life took over, I bought a hundred new cookbooks, and forgot about the flour.

And then the heavens opened -- Mit sent me the flour. There was much rejoicing in the household.

Not only did I receive the flour, I received ...

A copy of Culinary Kudzu, with a handwritten inscription from the author, Keetha DePriest Reed.
A jar of Kudzu blossom jam.
A tin of Old Bay Seasoning (I've actually never had any of this classic spice! Terrific!)
A bag of cornmeal -- water ground style (very important to Southerners)
A bag of cornmeal -- buttermilk style (ditto above)
A bag of Sweet Heat Pecans.

My friends, very soon you will have blog posts of the following ...

A cake made with White Lily flour and cornstarch, from my Southern Baking cookbook;
Biscuits, and then, some more biscuits. With butter. On the biscuits. With Kudzu Jam.
Cornbread (I want to try a yeast raised cornbread now)
Cornmeal Sweet Heat Pecan Waffles. With butter. and Kudzu Jam.
More biscuits.
More butter.
More jam.
And biscuits. With butter.

Thanks, Mit!


  1. Fun post and great story. Sounds like your gonna be cooken like an honerary Southerner. :) Glad you enjoyed the swap!

  2. I lived in the South but never heard of kudzu jam. I guess they need to do something with that out of control weed! Kudzu is pretty but man oh man it takes over every thing. What a fun swap!

  3. This does sound like fun! I hope you enjoy the book. :-)

  4. Keetha, I'm already enjoying your wonderful book. I'll be sure to post a full review here, in a few weeks.