Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Turkey, Stuffing and Apple Cranberry Butter Sandwiches

Well, this sure turned out tasty! It's your basic turkey-stuffing-cranberry sandwich you see on every menu around the holidays (and maybe even in your own home), but what surprised me was the cranberry condiment.
I had sliced, roasted turkey from my freezer to use up, and I was hankering for a sage-y savory taste. I had a box of stuffing mix in the pantry to use up (I'm really going great guns with my clear-the-pantry project in March), so I made a batch of simple Stove-Top stuffing (hey, I'm not proud) to which I added a great deal more poultry seasoning, and as soon as it was finished cooking, I molded it into a buttered loaf tin and chilled it. Later, I was able to slice very thin slices of this stuffing for sandwiches.
With the first sandwich, I had just a teaspoon left of cranberry relish, but I wanted more cranberry flavor, and I remembered I had a jar of Trader Joe's Apple Cranberry Butter. So, I used two frozen (and now used up) slices of Alquonquin Molasses bread, toasted and then spread with mayo, a quick shake of poultry seasoning on the mayo, a thin slice of savory stuffing, a schmear of apple-cranberry butter, and then the sliced turkey. A quick shake of salt and pepper later, and this was heavenly.
The flavors were perefect, and so was the really tart and tangy cranberry apple butter -- I liked it a great deal more than regular apple butter. I made this sandwich all week for lunch.
Use it Up Points:
Freezer: Roasted turkey; Bread (last of this frozen bag)
Pantry: A box of stuffing mix; spices, a jar of apple cranberry butter;


  1. I was just out to lunch with a friend who is eating down her pantry and freezer. She is now on the cash only "envelope" system to save money and control spending. I think we are all there. Funny about your pantry user up month, I was just thinking about changing my shopping habits as well.

    While living in Europe I walked to market everyother day to do my shopping and only bought what I needed for 2-3 days. I have now started doing that and I am going to go down in my basement and dig out my old shopping basket to save on bags as well. The other day the fishmonger at WF looked at me like I had a third eye when ordered only one filet of flounder. He wondered if I had a family. I did I told him but the fish was for just me for my lunch! I am hoping this type of shopping will help me control my food costs and decrease waste. Hopefully my excess funds will be put toward the rest of my budget- gifts, my childrens schooling, and some family time. Thanks for this post it really gave me more confidence and this is more fun when more of us do this!

  2. Oh yeah, my fav sandwich of all time - but what I use is.. good bread, coated heavy with miracle whip (NOT mayo), turkey, a little smashed up sweet potato and a good smear of cranberry sauce. Yum-o big time!

    Now I'm REALLY hungry!