Saturday, March 15, 2008

Simple Suppers: Eggs in a Frame

Tired Dinner for One
My firm is relocating to a new office building in a week, and we're packing up boxes and files and archives ... blech. So tired, working 7 days a week to get projects done and get boxes packed for the big move ... over Easter Weekend.

All I have the appetite and stamina for, is a simple supper.

1 slice of (homemade) semolina bread
1 egg

Butter both sides of the bread, use a cookie cutter to remove center (or tear it out). Place in a hot skillet, and add egg to the center. Cook until the egg appears white, and then flip. cook other side briefly, flip onto plate. Sprinkle with seasonings (salt, pepper, and chives here). Serve.

When I was growing up, this was called "Eggs in a Frame" according to my much loved Betty Crocker for Boys and Girls Cookbook*, but I've also seen them more recently called Toad in the Hole. Now, Toad in the Hole, I thought, was sausages cooked in an egg custard (like quiche).
What do I know. What do you call this?

(And yeah, yet another craptastic cell phone photo [I truly don't know why I bother and torture you fine folks with this stuff] because my brand new digi camera is already requiring a recharge. Boy, do you have to leave those things in the charger all the time? I've only used it once!)

*I still remember that spiral bound book of recipes and illlustration of boys and girls neatly groomed, gathering around a campfire to make fired biscuits on sticks, and, the neat-o way to garnish your beverages: Roll a marshmallow in colored sprinkles, and shove it down over a straw. How about the little tips from the kids, typed at the bottom of the recipe! Tad says "Being able to bake cookies with my sister makes me want to finish my homework so much faster!" or some bullshit like that.


  1. This is another of my favorite eggy breakfasts - when we were growing up, my mother called these "bird's nest eggs" - quite appropo, don't you think? I usually lightly toast the bread first to make sure it is crispy, not soggy.

  2. We Hoosiers call it a "hole in the wall" a little peminto on top or hot sauce...mmmmmmmmmm!

  3. My mother called them Window Eggs. And said that she invented them. My parents were very droll.

    Toad in Hole is sausages in yorkshire pudding-like custard, isn't it?

  4. ::laughing:: Well until I have evidence to the contrary, I'll assume she did. And yes, that's what I thought Toad in the Hole was, also. I just made this again this morning.

  5. Ha ha... We called them special eggs! My mom told me her uncle made them up in the army! hmmmmmm.... In addition to hearing the terms mentioned, I have also heard it called "God's eye". Whatever you call it... it is a great breakfast favorite.

  6. I grew up on these. Seriously, this was a four-times-a-week staple in my house. Shortly after college, I got sick and felt compelled to make the southern comfort foods that nourished me, like chicken and dumplins, cornbread and this. I remember making them in my tiny, shabby apartment and my roommate walked in and hollered, "Hawaiian eyes! My mom made those!" Turns out, everyone's mom invented them. My mom called it egg in a basket, and preferred it made with margarine and completely processed, supersoft Merita Old-Fashioned white bread. Now that I'm an adult, I use Irish butter to saturate a fat slice of Irish soda bread or sourdough and fry it up.

    Best part: the bit where the egg meets the bread, and it's fried and buttery and crisp and moist. I save the holes I cut out and fry them, too, to sop in the yolks.

    Thanks so much for the memory. I'm totally craving this now.

  7. These are the best comments on this thread. Funny and witty. I love the idea of using soda bread and Irish butter. I also fry up the holes. My reason is simple: It's okay to have toast left over after the egg is gone, but it's never acceptable to have yolk or egg left after the bread is gone, so that extra bit of bread is INSURANCE.

  8. My Mom called the " A hole in a wall'' She too invented them!!I guess its just what moms do. Im gonna tell my son I invented them too!!!