Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Pretzel Croissant and Egg


  1. Can commenters use words? Where did you get the pretzel croissant. I have not had one of those since living in Germany, I am soooo jealous!

  2. Sure you can! Just the original post is supposed to be wordless. What used to be Wordless Wednesday is now a Wordless Daily site. Somewhat fun when you have a self-explanatory post. Or a failed recipe and the picture shows the disaster.

    I have LONG been jealous of the New Yorkers who can buy a pretzel croissant from a street vendor. I love pretzel flavor so much it wouldn't be unusual for me to drive a long distance to find soft hot pretzels.

    Fortunately, there is a vendor in Northern California, near San Francisco, that makes pretzel croissants, and to my wondrous eyes, their stand appeared at a Farmer's Market in my city, about 80 miles away. They bake up glorious baskets of Pretzel Croissants, Pretzel bread, and more -- their specialty is German styled bread -- and they truck it up to my city every Sunday. I've bought as many as a dozen and frozen them. They are best hot and fresh of course, but the defrosted version is great as well.

    The name of that company is Octoberfeast (great name) in Marin County, California.

    I actually tried to make these, once. I've made pretzel bread before, with the baking soda bath,and I had croissant dough, so I wondered, hm, if I quickly boil the dough in the baking soda bath and then bake it, will it be a pretzel croissant? Answer? NO.

    We should commute to New York and get a hot one from a street vendor. They are simply devine (and have sesame seeds, whereas mine did not).

  3. Wow that is the perfect vendor to have at your market. Our markets are coming to an end here and this weekend it has gotten chilly outside. I bet NYC has some great vendors that have the best things. Ours in DC have hot dogs and that's about it. I would like to hit the famous Eastern Market in DC one day! I will have to check out the wordlees site. Thanks!!

  4. I didn't realize you were from DC! That's my hometown. My entire family was born and raised in Georgetown, DC, and Maryland. We were the only branch to leave -- everyone I'm related to is still in that area. In fact, my mother is visiting relatives in DC as we speak. We moved away in 1970, and I've lived in California since then, but whenever I'm asked where I'm from, I still stay "Washington, D.C." Just habit, even though I've spent most of my life in California.

  5. Yup DC is the closet big city for my, I love going downtown. I am in northern VA only about 10 miles outside of DC. When peolpe form other areas ask where I am from I say DC it is just easier that way! Although I would love to live in sunny CA someday, hubby went to school at USC.