Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back on the Grid!

Hello everyone, and happy new year! I was off the grid for much of the last few months. I had the joy of an extended visit from my mother and other family members come and going.

While you'd think this was cause for many recipes, bake-offs, restaurant reviews and more, quite the opposite occurred. I just hunkered down with my guest, ate well, slept well, watched lots of great movies, and just abandoned all of my routines.

I find I don't stick well to routines when there is a major change in my domestic situation -- like an extended guest. Some good routines were developed (I've finally inventoried my pantry and freezer and tossed out old spices and such, and oh, bought a really nice set of knives finally) and some good routines were lost (I have not taken a vitamin in months).

I've taken a resolution to try and adopt, and stick to, some of my better routines:

Protein shake daily
Vitamins daily
Water daily
Floss daily
Eat SuperFoods Daily

And lose some of my not-recommended routines:

Grocery shopping for pleasure instead of need. Enough with the stopping off at Trader Joe's just because it's on the way home, routine.

Wasting food (cooking too much for one person; not cooking something in time and letting it spoil; having eyes larger than my pantry and stomach; having eclectic tastes one night but not the next, etc).

Thanks to those of you who sent blog comments and e mails wondering what had become of me. I've still read your blogs, commented a plenty, and enjoying all of your delicious dishes. Now that I'm back to being Queen of my Domain, needing to fill up the void left behind once my loving family departed, it's time to turn back to crafting some edible comforts, even if its just for me.

I also need to shake things up a bit. Either commit to the blog, or lose it, you know? No one is interested in a once a month post. To that end, I plan to bring you a year of food related holidays! Just what you needed, right?

Watch my blog for food related holidays for the entire year. I figured it may give some of us the kick in the pants we need.

After all, it would be a terrible sin to pass up National Gum Drop Day, wouldn't it?

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