Saturday, January 24, 2009

Roast Chicken Chutney Sandwich

This was a fast one! I'm now a member of the BYOB Group (Bake Your Own Bread) so I'm busy clearing the freezer of my store-purchased baked goods. I am down to just a few frozen bread products, including these ciabatta rolls. I was in the mood for a spicy, flavorful, and warm sandwich today, to perk up the grey drizzling atmosphere around here. All of these ingredients came from Trader Joe's. Not intentionally (although I do shop there more than any other store), but it just happened to turn out to be a Trader Joe's Concoction.

1 ciabatta roll
1 fully cooked roasted chicken patty (cut in half, see note*)
1 slice of Black Diamond Sharp White Cheddar Cheese (one of my favorites, I am never without it)
Tomato Chutney
Cilantro Leaves

I split and toasted the ciabatta roll, placed one slice of white cheddar on one warm side, and spread TJ's tomato chutney on the other. It's a very spicy, curry-tasting ketchup, quite good. I was out of lettuce, so I just layered cilantro leaves on the cheese, and then quickly flash heated 1/2 of a roasted chicken patty* in a pan and added it. The warmth melted the cheese and released the cilantro's aromatics very quickly. This was a very flavorful sandwich. I quite liked it.

*Chicken Patty Note: In the deli case, TJ's has a few pre-cooked, pre-formed chicken patties. I believe one has feta and herbs, and this newest one is just roasted chicken. It is high protein and low fat, so I gave it a try. I was not terribly pleased with how "dense" it was. Like it was squashed and very firm, and too thick for my taste. I like thinner, panini style sandwiches and thin or shaved meats. So, using my slice-a-slice tool, I simply cut the patty in half, through it's horizontal middle. What you see then is a thinner, half patty, which I liked much better. Plus, the patties come 2 to a pack, and this method gives me 4 to a pack). The chicken was "true" in its flavor -- like a patty of rotisserie chicken.

The jury is out as to whether I'll buy the patties again - I'm leaning to "no" simply based on the dense texture -- but I will most definately make this sandwich again, with simple, moist grilled chicken. It would also be terrific with chicken salad.


  1. I am so post-gym hungry that a sammich is sounding pretty tempting right about now...

  2. Seriously needing that sammich. The chutney addition is very nice -- and I'll bet it made up for the density of the chicken. at least a little :)