Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anelletti with Sausage, Spinach, and Mushrooms

I was inspired by the delicious looking pasta cooked up by The Kitchn (why is it spelled this way? Someone clue me in) and set about assembly of all the ingredients for a Sunday pasta supper. I must say, this is a rarity for me, and it DID make the job simpler. I'm notorious for doing things out of order (eggs ready before the toast, dish fully assembled before I remember the mushrooms, and so on), so getting everything out and neatly assembled in advance was new. I felt so grown up.

That said, I have to be candid and say that while it was simple, decent, homey -- it wasn't terribly flavorful. Maybe the sausage? I dunno. All I know is, the best thing about the dish was the mushrooms, and that's doesn't say much for the Italian sausage or other ingredients.

Will I eat the rest of the bowl or make it again? I don't know, the jury is still out. Have to think about it, or try it as a leftover. This is my adapted version of the recipe:

1/2 pound of anelletti (purchased from Trader Joe's)
1 cabrese (somewhat hot) Italian Sausage
A few ounces of mild or sweet Italian Sausage
big handfuls of mushrooms
big handfuls of spinach
3 garlic cloves
olive oil
pasta water
Parmesan cheese

Prepare the anelletti pasta (boiling in salted water for 10-13 minutes) and set aside, reserving a few ladle fulls of pasta water. Roughly chop up the sausage and thoroughly brown, adding sliced garlic and mushrooms toward the end of the browning process. When the mushrooms are cooked and sausage is browned, check for the fat level. I didn't need to drain off much -- I probably drained off 1 tablespoon and kept about 1 tablespoon in the pot. Add the spinach leaves and toss until completely wilted. Add cooked pasta, and a ladle of pasta water if you feel it needs a bit of moisture (I did). When combined, add a handful of Parmesan cheese and toss until melted. Serve, seasoning to taste with pepper and/or additional cheese.

For dessert:

Sliced strawberries topped with fat free lemon yogurt, Meyer lemon syrup, and walnuts.

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