Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Post in Two Parts: Anelletti with Bolognese and a Mystery to Solve

Part 1: The Meal

I'm not much into tomato based pasta sauces. They bore me, but I'm on a mission to clear out my pantry and stop buying so much stuff on impulse. Cook from the pantry. Cook from the pantry. I had pasta and sausage leftover from earlier in the week, various tomato based things, and some parmesan, so I decided to give it a go.

I know that bolognese is supposed to be thicker and creamier than marinara, and I got a notion to make my sauce less acidic and more creamy by stirring in a bit of fat-free half and half, and while it did change the texture and smoothness to something I like, it just doesn't rock my boat. Oh well. Leftovers now gone so I can continue to move on and clear out my pantry.

Part 2: The Mystery

Alright, #$%%^&amp! who stole my garlic knots?! Last night I made soup. I had a package of garlic knot rolls. They come 8 to a package. I heated TWO. I carefully sealed the box back up, and put them away. I was alone. No family, no friends, no boyfriend. He lives 1.5 hours away and doesn't drop in unannounced anyway (we are old fashioned that way, even after 10 years together). Even if he ever did, he would NOT go into my kitchen and steal 6 garlic knot rolls. He's an insufferable health nut. He would demand to know why I had them in the first place.

So where are they? I looked in the fridge. The freezer. The cupboards. The counters. The trash in case I put them in the bin by accident. In the stove. In the toaster oven. In the microwave. On top of the fridge. On top of the freezer. Do I sound like Dr. Seuss, yet?


I even went into my clothes closet and bathroom to see if I had them in my hand and wandered off absent minded and set them down. No dice.

I am going to go wash this dish, and then tear my house apart. I will solve this mystery, because you know what worries me?! I admit it. My building staff. I've come home and found things in weird places before, food missing, a magazine I *know* I left by the bed only 6 hours before, gone. I never have any damn underwear, either. WHY do I constantly have to buy new underwear? Where do they go?

Please. Please. Do NOT let some weirdo with a house key, be letting himself or herself into my house, to eat my garlic knots and steal my panties, or steal my garlic knots and eat my panties.
Especially because they are new and I like them so much.

And I'm talking about the garlic rolls.


  1. what a great story! I can't wait until you figure this one out...

  2. you need to get a secret nanny cam!! You-tube those bitches!

  3. You know what? That is a REALLY good idea. I'm getting one. Thank you.

  4. ew ew ew, a one of my old apartments someone started stealing panties, pjs & even my legging for working out from the laundry. My landlord figured out who it was because he answered the door in my leggings!

  5. i've gotta get MUCH better at doing exactly that - cook from the pantry. i'm SO bad at it. it's often a source of contention b/w me and my husb. he's very good about it, i suck. i also buy on impulse. i've been know to come home w/ like 5 different types of meat b/c i was hungry at the store - then to find we have no room in the freezer. i'm bad.

    i bet you if you made a long-simmering meat sauce (how bolognese is traditionally made) you may not find it as boring? the flavors are awesome when you do it! just my 2 cents.

  6. You're right ... and you sound exactly like me. I actually grocery shop for entertainment. I have severe condimentia (any all chutneys, sauces, spices, vinegars -- if it's new, I want it). I buy more than I need for one or two persons. My fridge-freezer is full. My chest freezer is full. I buy it, store it, and forget I have it, and buy it again.

    Last year, I made a pact with myself: I gave myself permission, for one month, to buy only: Dairy (milk, cheese, eggs, butter, yogurt), Produce (fruit and vegetables) and Bread, and that's it, for ONE MONTH. All other staples had to come from my pantry or my freezer. I made it for one entire month, and I actually admit it was liberating to clear out the larder. Then, when it was clean and organized, I filled it right back up again. I'm once again in need of a pact with myself.

    You know what? I need to make this the subject of a new post, for sure. I'm going to do that.