Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kitty Tuna

So named, because it's yellowtail tuna, and, I saw it on Kitty's blog this morning.

Kitty Tuna! Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck.

My favorite recipe from ANY food blog is one in which I realize "Say, I have all of those ingredients. I can make this right now."

My second favorite recipe is when I say "Hey, I have everything except (insert one missing ingredient)."

Most others are "Man, that looks good. I should bookmark that."

Kitty's recipe on My Husband Hates Veggies (once she returned from being AWOL that is), was a second-favorite category. I had everything but the tuna, it looked great, and best of all, it had a sure-fire testimonial: She made it THREE TIMES in the short period of time her husband was gone. That must have been good eating because I would have had a lot more confessional meals to share.

I won't repeat Kitty's recipe here, but I'll mention my minor adaptations:

1) When mixing the dressing ingredients in step 1, I wanted it to emulsify somewhat, so, I used my bullet blender cup, and, added about a two-inch long squirt of wasabi from a tube.

2) I forgot to add the chopped cilantro to the dressing, so I added it afterward, on top of the tuna, with the avocado.

3) I used Schezwan pepper salt to season the tuna steaks, for a bit of added zest.
4) I didn't have a lime, but I had 3 key limes and used those.

Delicious! Top Notch and a sure-fire repeat. As easy as she promised, too.


  1. I do the same thing with recipes on blogs...the best ones are the ones that I already have all of the ingredients! If I don't, who knows when I will eventually get around to making it (even if is sounds amazing!).

  2. Wow, that is for sure the fastest blog turn-around I have ever seen for making one of my recipes. Greeat idea to use the bullet, I dont have one, but have been thinking of getting one of those Jamie Oliver Flavor Shakers.

    Did your tuna turn out super spicy? The ginger is enough spice for me, but I do usually end up eating the leftover dressing on my plate with my finger.

    Oh, and I also always eat the whole avocado. I only used 1/2 on the plating to look dainty.

  3. Wasn't that fast? I stopped for the tuna on my way home from work. Thanks to you, this dinner cost $68because I can never go into a store and come out with ONE thing.

    If I had picked a GREAT avocado, I for sure would have eaten the entire thing. Maybe the second half with nothing but loads of salt and pepper and a spoon. As it happened, it was bright green and pretty, but it was somewhat hard and not very flavorful. I hates me a bad avocado (at $2.79 each).

    It was spicy, but not in a "hot mouth feel" kinda way, which I don't go for. Hot Sauce, Hot Peppers, Cajun stuff, is not for me. Ginger and wasabi, I love. The wasabi didn't make it spicy, really. More sharp, but very flavorful. I have a good portion of this marinade still left and I think I'll grill a chicken breast in it, or maybe some scallops.